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Header and Graphics...

Gavin MountfordOver the years I've probably had hundreds of people ask me...

"Gavin, where did you get your awesome graphics done?"

In the past, I wouldn't tell people because I didn't want the competition, lol... however over the past few years I decided to spill the beans...

So... if you're looking for a STRIKING header for your Team Site... or graphics of any kind, then I strongly 100% recommend using Vaughan at Killer Covers...

They are awesome... turn around usually 5-7 days... and the quality of graphics are stunning and priced very well.

Word of Warning: When you create your Team Site... be very wary of putting out below average graphics on your site because they can really cheapen the look and feel of your team.

So you definitely need something good and professional. (Fiverr just won't cut it for this...)

Your graphics need to be STRIKING and GRAB your prospects attention immediately... you have about 10 seconds to get people's attention before they move to another site...

So, to go check out the Killer Covers graphics and headers, please visit the link below.

You can then navigate to the Website Header section on their site.


Click Here to Get Your Killer Team Site Header Created


Yours in Prosperity,

Gavin Mountford

P.S. Yes, Vaughan designed pretty much all of my graphics including the stunning Team Site Traffic graphics 🙂

Whenever you decide to order a graphic, please come back and click through this link first. They will then pay me a referral fee for sending you. I Appreciate You!